Zetkin Collective


Irma Allen 

PhD researcher, KTH Environmental Humanities Lab, Sweden 

Research interests: ethnographies of far-right populist support, embodied trauma and the visceral, gender/masculinity, fossil fuels (coal) and just energy transition, working-class environmentalism, postcolonial postsocialism in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland), conspiracy theories and conspirituality
William Callison

Postdoctoral researcher, Human Geography, Uppsala University, Sweden

Research interests: critical theory, political economy, neoliberalism, climate denialism, ecofascism, conspiracy theory, far-right internationalism
Claudia Custodio 

Environmental Justice and Social Rights Officer, Observatori DESC, Barcelona

Research interests: climate justice narratives and counternarratives, power of discourse, climate denial and barriers to climate action, geopolitics of energy, energy transition
George Edwards

PhD Candidate, Warwick University, UK

Research interests: UK politics, political economy of fossil fuels, historical and technological perspectives on climate change, critical theory

Ståle Holgersen

Senior Lecturer, Human Geography, Örebro University, Sweden

Research interests: ecological and economic crises, climate denialism,  class, gender and climate
Jacob McLean

PhD Candidate, Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, York University, Canada

Research interests: Canadian fossil capitalism, right-wing populism in Alberta, far right social movements 

Alexandra McFadden

MSc Human Ecology, Lund University, Sweden

Research interests: Environmental history, ideology and conspiracy, white supremacy and conceptions of nature, relationships between far-right and neoliberal governance in energy and racism, the effects of fossil fascism on indigenous groups (environmental justice)
Line Skovlund Larsen

Investigative journalist and independent researcher, MSc Political Ecology, Denmark

Research interests: climate- and immigration politics, individual blame / collective responsibility of climate change, deforestation, the Andes and the Amazon

Sonja Pietiläinen

Doctoral researcher, Geography Research Unit, University of Oulu, Finland

Research interests: critical political geographies of the far-right, space and power, green nationalism, climate change, political ecology, far-right in Finland
Tatjana Söding

MSc Human Ecology, Lund University, Sweden 

Research interests: international political economy, participatory and deliberative socio-ecological transformations, environmental history and the energy transition, the right to the city and the mobility transition, feminist and queer political ecology 
Anoushka Eloise Zoob Carter

PhD candidate, University of Sussex, UK 

Research interests: rural populism, land and agriculture in far-right ecologism, anti-fascist food movements, agri-labour and migrant solidarity