The Zetkin Collective is a group of scholars, activists and students working on the political ecology of the far right. It was formed around the human ecology division at Lund University in the summer of 2018. There it organised the first international conference on the Political Ecologies of the Far Right, with some four hundred academics and activists from across the world (co-organised with CEFORCED and Action Group Hedwig). Our first publication White Skin, Black Fuel: On the Danger of Fossil Fascism is out with Verso Books, with a French adaptation available through La Fabrique, and conversations underway with various publishers for translations into Catalan, Danish, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. The members of the Zetkin Collective bring diverse insight and approaches to understanding the politics of an emergent threat in a warming world. The present constellation of collective members is listed beneath.

If you wish to get in touch with us, please feel free to contact us at or find us on Twitter.

Irma Allen

PhD researcher, KTH Environmental Humanities Lab, Sweden 

Research interests: far-right environments, ethnographies of far-right populist support, embodied trauma and the visceral, emotional politics of everyday far-right politics, gender/masculinity, fossil fuels (coal) and just energy transition, working-class environmentalism, environmental science denial and conspiracy theories, postcolonial postsocialism in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland), critical political psychology, conspirituality 

Anna Bartfai

Julia Bittencourt Costa Moreira

Analyst/Project Coordinator, SwIdeas AB, Sweden

Research interests: French far right, Green nationalism, MeResearch interests: Indigenous & Minorities Rights; Circular Economy; Brazilian Politics, History and Deforestation in the Amazon; Environmental and Climate Justice

Dounia Boukaouit

Analyst/Project BA. Social Psychology/Msc. Human Ecology, Denmark

Contribution to the book: researched the climate politics of the french far right

Research interests: Climate denialism, Eco-anxiety, Social mobilization, Degrowth movement, Human-nature relationship

Clàudia Custodioa

Environmental Justice and Social Rights Officer, Observatori DESC, Barcelona

Research interests: climate justice narratives and counternarratives, power of discourse, climate denial and barriers to climate action, geopolitics of energy, energy transition

George Edwards

Independent researcher

Research interests: UK politics, political economy of fossil fuels, historical and technological perspectives on climate change, critical theory

Ernesto Urrusti Frenk

MSc Human Ecology, Lund University, Sweden

Research interests: history of fascism, connections between liberal thought and far right,  ecological Marxism, metabolic rift

Morten Hesselbjerg

Researcher and project manager in a small organisation working with circular economy and the green transition, Denmark

Research interests: Circular economy, climate- and immigration politics, climate denial in Danish politics, Fossil fuel divestment

Ståle Holgersen

Researcher, Department of Social and Economic Geography and  Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Uppsala University, Sweden

Research interests: ecological and economic crises, climate denialism,  class, gender and climate

Alexandra McFadden

MSc Human Ecology, Lund University, Sweden

Research interests: Environmental history, ideology and conspiracy, white supremacy and conceptions of nature, relationships between far-right and neoliberal governance in energy and racism, the effects of fossil fascism on indigenous groups (environmental justice)

Line Skovlund Larsen

Investigative journalist and independent researcher, MSc Political Ecology, Denmark

Research interests: climate- and immigration politics, individual blame / collective responsibility of climate change, deforestation, the Andes and the Amazon

Andreas Malm

Associate professor, Lund University, Sweden

Research interests: histories of fossil fuels and racism and fascism, Adorno, psychoanalysis

Sonja Pietiläinen

Doctoral researcher, Geography Research Unit, University of Oulu, Finland

Research interests: critical political geographies of the far-right, space and power, green nationalism, climate change, political ecology, far-right in Finland and Russia

Daria Riven

Climate & Transport Policy Officer, Denmark

Research interests: environmental- and climate justice, deforestation, just transition, fossil fuel resistances

Tatjana Södning

MSc Human Ecology, Lund University, Sweden

Research intersts: International political economy, participatory and deliberative socio-ecological transformations, environmental history and the energy transition, the right to the city and the mobility transition, feminist and queer political ecology 

Laudy van den Heuvel

Dutch investigative joJunior Lecturer (philosophy) at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University

Research interests: National socialist ecology, Cultural Marxism, conspiracy theories, Dutch far right

Anoushka Eloise Zoob Carter

PhD candidate, University of Sussex, UK

Research interests: rural populism, land and agriculture in far-right ecologism, anti-fascist food movements, agri-labour and migrant solidarity